Top 10 things that made Norfolk famous

If you think you know everything there is to know about the region of Norfolk, then think again. You may be surprised about what this county is really famed for. Here are our top 10 things that made Norfolk famous.



In particular ‘Bishy Barnabee’, not is isn’t a type of ladybird you have not heard of but actually the most famous example of Norfolk dialect.

Most associate the region with this unique type of dialect which can be hard to understand especially with the thick Norfolk accent, but it is something that put Norfolk on the map and has to be featured in our list! Now, do you have a light boy?



The home of the Kettlechips factory is in Norfolk and those tasty snacks put Norfolk on the map with their crunchy deliciousness!


Being Flat

The thing that really put Norfolk on the map so to say is its supposed flat landscape but this isn’t actually true and there are lots of rolling countryside hills and steep cliff tops that reside in the region!



When you mention Norfolk many will instantly think of Colman’s mustard that yellow spicy condiment really did put Norfolk on the map, perhaps you could try it alongside the other famous Norfolk export, the Cromer Crab!


Norfolk Broads

These man-made broads stretch for 125 miles across the region and not only did they put Norfolk on the map but they also appeared in a David Bowie song!


Football Club

Whether it is for good reasons or bad, the infamous Norwich City Football Club really did put Norfolk on the map. With the highs of the premier league and the lows of the lower diversions everyone knows about the Canaries up and down history.


Lord Nelson

‘I am a Norfolk man and glory in being so’ Horatio Nelson once said, well we can’t argue with that and with his birthplace and family home being in Norfolk this is one exceptional individual that put Norfolk on the map.


Lotus Cars

Forget Jaguar, Ferrari or even Aston Martin, Lotus Cars are renowned for their sports and race cars and the Lotus Car factory resides in Hethel and actively put Norfolk on the map.


University of East Anglia

The UEA is one of the leading research institutes in the UK and has some famous alumni such as Matt Smith, Paul Whitehouse and Gareth Malone it is safe to say that this well respected university has helped put Norfolk on the map.


Cromer Crabs

One of Norfolk’s largest exports and known up and down the country to many as the best, Cromer Crabs certainly helped put Norfolk on the map.

From crisps to sports cars and a University that created a time lord these top ten things really did put Norfolk on the map, would you agree?


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