When the sun is shining there is nothing quite like getting in the car and driving for a day out at the beach. But, there are times when you want to escape the crowds and drink in the unique coastline of Norfolk.

Here are 5 secret beaches in Norfolk, which will leave you basking in the peace and quiet of the Norfolk coast.


You may presume that the RSPB nature reserve is the only thing here, but if you walk through the reserve and out you will find one of the 5 secret beaches in Norfolk. Enjoy the sand, wildlife and don’t forget to bring a picnic!

Cart Gap

The sister to its popular Sea Palling beach, you will find this secret Norfolk beach to be spacious and uncrowded. The beach can be accessed via a lane and you will soon be spoilt for choice on your way to pitch up your chair and picnic! Walk along the glorious Norfolk coast, have a paddle or even grab an ice cream from the small café in the car park.


There is more to Snettisham than the famous race track, with it being home to one of the 5 secret beaches in Norfolk. It is a shingle beach, but don’t let that put you off, this is a beach which hosts one of the best spots to view the sunset as it goes down on our beautiful region.


No, we are not talking about it’s US namesake, but in fact Norfolk’s very own California and one of the 5 secret Norfolk beaches. Located near Scratby, it very much lives up to its name with an abundance of sand, sea, space. Now all we need is the sun!

Holme Beach

Just a walk over the famous Holme golf course and over the dunes you will find one of the 5 secret beaches in Norfolk. There are no boardwalks so it can be tricky if you have a buggy or a wheelchair, but when you do pitch up your spot on this beautiful beach you can see for miles, including Hunstanton’s lighthouse.

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