The Woodland

Fairhaven Woodland offers 130 acres of unspoilt garden that is gorgeous during every season. At autumn you can see the leaves on the trees turning gold, in winter you can see Santa Claus himself, and in spring and summer, the flowers come alive. There are plenty of birds and animals to look out for, and it offers the perfect setting for a picnic or to sip on some delightful cream teas.


The Water Garden

The beautiful water gardens are among the main attractions at Fairhaven Woodland. There are frequent boat trips on offer, allowing you to look in awe as you relax down the river.

You have the choice of embarking on one of the 50 minute trips, where you can see the historic ruins of St. Benet’s Abbey, or a 20 minute tour where you can try to spot swans, kingfishers and otters.



Fairhaven was created by the 2nd Lord Fairhaven, Mayor Henry Broughton, when he purchased his estate in 1946. He rescued the house and gardens from the disrepair they had fallen into after being used as a convalescent home and training during World War II.

He designed the gardens himself, introducing plants from all around the world like Primulas and Rhododendrons as he cleared the ‘jungle’ that the gardens had become. He also introduced the large tree nursery and played a key part in the gardens until his death in 1973, bequeathing the gardens to the public.