East Anglia is known and loved for all fens and marshes great and small. Here’s our handy guide on how to enjoy the very best of nature in Norfolk.

The Fen Rivers Way

The fen rivers way is a scenic 48 miles walk between Cambridge and King’s Lynn. It follows the fenlands up through the course of the river Cam and the River Great Ouse. Along the way you’ll find sites like the Holt Fen bridge and the spectacular Ely Cathedral. 

Salthouse Marshes

The salthouse marshes offer a picturesque view of small pools and grazing marshes, which prove a haven for the local wildfowl. It’s a perfect spot for bird watchers, with opportunities to spot rare lapland buntings, Barn Owls and sea birds. This is a place for the colder months, where it comes alive with rare species. 

Strumpshaw Fen

This beautiful fen offers the benefit of being the closest on our trip to Norwich, which makes it easier to ramble around for a delightful day trip. It’s well known for its wildlife life Kingfishers and hen harriers, as well as Chinese Water deers, otters and voles. The wildflowers are also a highlight – with luscious woodlands, reedbeds and Orchard rich meadows. 

Stiffkey Marshes

You can make a whole day of it in Stiffkey marshes, just one of the beauties on offer as part of the Blakeney National Nature Reserve, where you could also try and go seal spotting or walk along the inspiring coastal footpaths. It’s another one for you to bring your goggles with, as it’s an internationally important breeding ground for many species of birds.

Angles Way Fens

Angles way offers more spectacular footpaths for you to embark upon,  perfect for taking the dog on one of those long, long walks he loves. Tread down Bouddica way for a taste of heritage and history such as the roman town at Caistor st Edmunds, walk the way the romans did down Peddars way,  or take the circular route through wherryman’s way, where there are plenty of pubs to nurse a pint.

Cley Marshes

These marshes are the most well known throughout Norfolk. Purchased in 1926, this is a long standing bird conservation sanctuary. As well as the feathered inhabitants, the star of the show are the shingle beach and saline lagoons. This is also one of the reserves with the best amenities, such as the cafe, visitor centre and shop.