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Castle Acre Apartment

Dating back to 1090 A.D., Castle Acre is one of Norwich’s most famous landmarks and it offers visitors a unique perspective on centuries past.


The village has two particular areas of interest for tourists – the castle and the monastic priory.


During its heyday, Castle Acre was a fortified Norman town and is one of the best examples of Norman town planning. At the height of its role, it would have been bustling with busy people and to-date part of the the village, the castle, the parish church and one bailey gate remain intact.


Alongside the castle sits the ruins of the Castle Acre priory, one of the largest and best preserved monastic sites in the United Kingdom.


Whilst the nave of the church is one of the oldest part of the ruins, it continued to grow until 1537 when Castle Acre priory was closed under Henry VIII’s command. This decision steamed from his anger with the Catholic church following their decision not to grant him a divorce. The King dissolved monasteries around the country and Castle Acre’s Priory received the same fate, forcing the monks to abandon their home.


It was once home to the Cluniac order of monks and the ruin still reflects their unique love of decoration. Much of this decoration is still visible throughout the site and offers a haunting and beautiful tribute to the monks that once lived there.


In total, around 20-30 monks would have lived within its grounds.


Before the dissolution of the monasteries, it played an important role in state affairs and occasionally welcomed influential figures including members of the royal family.


At present, the Castle Acre site is owned by the Earl of Leicester.


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