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The Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve is idyllically hidden away in the back lanes of Norfolk, making it perfectly unassuming and quiet.


Jointly governed by the RSPB and Environment Agency, the reserve is kept wet all year and freshwater is maintained for the species that live within it. In fact, this is an essential aspect of the project, as the wildlife that inhabits the local area is essential to the mission of Strumpshaw Fen. There are plenty of information boards scattered around the site, allowing you to learn more about the project and the life within it.


While Strumpshaw Fen is a tourist attraction in itself, it’s actually only one part of a much bigger reserve called the Mid Yare Nature Reserve which stretches for 5 miles along the River Yare.


This perhaps isn’t the easiest place to navigate, although it will leave you feeling at one with nature and give you a sense of connection to the world outside. There are plenty of beautiful places to see, plenty of picnic areas for the family and a beautiful day out in the making.


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