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The Muckleburgh Collection is a military museum that is filled with interesting exhibitions. It was initially opened in 1988 and is the largest privately owned military museum in the United Kingdom.


Situated at Weybourne, The Muckleburgh and historical museum are located on the site of a former Second World War and post-war Weybourne Anti Aircraft Training Camp. At the height of its use during the Second World War, the camp would have been a defensive site to behold. It was surrounded by a perimeter anti-tank ditch and defended by a system of gun emplacements and barbed wired fences.


The cliffs around the site were lined with heavy anti-aircraft guns and batteries, slit trenches and pillboxes. As the war progressed, so to did the defences at Weybourne Camp and they became more complicated in nature.


After the war, The Muckleburgh camp became known as a permanent Range and Radar Training Wing and gunnery training continued until 1958. To this day, the site still has a RAF radar receiving station and is the location of the University of East Anglia Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory and a Metrological Station.


The museum now houses many interesting exhibitions including tanks, armoured cars, bombs, artillery and missiles used by the allied armies during World War II. There are also uniforms, documents and photographs to be seen and many other reasons you should consider visiting the Muckleburgh!


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