Starting on the North coast, one of the best lakes in Norfolk has to be Abraham’s Bosom Lake, Wells-next-the-sea, a saline lagoon seen just as you set off into the pinewoods beside the beach car park. It was originally part of the sea and is now separated by a small strip of land. At low tide the lagoon is just sea water and rain makes it quite a brackish pond.

Sites of special interest

Thompson Water, Carr and Common is a 154.7 hectare biological site of special scientific interest north of Thetford. Most of it is managed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. It is a nature conservation review site, Grade I and part of the Norfolk Valley Fens special area of conservation.

Soaking up the atmosphere or relaxing by the Loch

The Nunnery lakes Reserve in the Brecklands, south of Thetford, follows a series of lakes created by old gravel workings. the perfect setting for walking around and taking in the beauty and serenity of this lovely location.

Loch Neaton is a freshwater lake near Watton. Unusual in that it was created after earth was excavated in 1875 to create a mile-long embankment for the extension to Swaffham of the Thetford to Watton railway station. There’s a grassed picnic area with picnic tables overlooking the Loch.

Needham Lake east of Bury St Edmunds, is a popular countryside attraction centred around a flooded gravel pit near to Needham market. Ideal for a brisk walk after lunch.

Carp and coarse fishing lakes abound in Norfolk as you can imagine

Taswood Lakes at Flordon and the popular privately-owned still water coarse fishery, Barford Lakes near the East coast, both offer exclusive and tranquil carp and coarse fishing in a number of lakes.

Some of the best lakes in Norfolk also offer some of the UK’s best schools sports facilities

Norfolk Lakes Adventure Centre situated on the River Wensum, 11 miles north west of Norwich, offers a range of water sports and outdoor activities for schools with great facilities and accommodation. Make sure your children recommend it to their schools! Probably the best facilities available to schools in the UK.

Best lakes in Norfolk for pub visitors who just fancy a stroll

Just to the west of Great Yarmouth lies a country park, the Fritton Lake holiday resort, the perfect spot to walk, enjoy open water sports, observe wildlife, have a picnic or even stay in a Scandinavian style lodge, ideal for all age groups. Visitors staying in the newly built retreats can access the lake. Day trippers need to book via the Boat Hire page on the Fritton Arms pub website. There is a fee of £10 for car parking. The stables offer pony rides, and hacks out, ideal for children when the family is on holiday from London or other areas.