If you were asked to say which were the most Instagram worthy places to visit in Norfolk, could you?

Would you be able to? How much are you truly aware of your surroundings when you go away?

Or are you too busy taking selfies because you think you need to check in with your Insta-buddies?

You may glance behind you to make sure you’ve got the perfect back-drop but when you do, how much do you really ‘connect’ with your surroundings, too?

Really see what’s there for all the beauty it is, in all its glory?

By connecting in ‘the present’, you will find that you return from your stay away more refreshed, with better and happier memories than if you just treated it as an excuse to get out of the city for a few days.

It’s proven, too, that staying in aesthetically pleasing surroundings, which includes anything from the location, the colours, the air quality and the quality of the interaction with the space you are in, can not only enhance relationships, but give you a much-needed boost with regard to energy and enthusiasm for work on your return.

So, we thought we’d pick out some of our favourites for you to choose from for your next trip away to Norfolk.


Data tools can now show us where people are most aware of their surroundings

Hashtags such as #romantic #lovely #beautiful #stunning combined with #Norfolk throws up a variety of results that score highly in the league of Instagram worthy places to visit in Norfolk.

J.M.W. Turner, the famous water colourist simply adored the Norfolk light; one of his most famous paintings captured the stillness and timeless beauty of the shoreline at Great Yarmouth, painted in 1819 on the brink of its expansion.

For this reason, Great Yarmouth makes our shortlist.


Cromer Pier is a popular tourist destination on the North coast

Cromer Pier makes our list of Instagram worthy places to visit as there’s great food, great views and a lifeboat to see.

The colours of the surrounding buildings make the whole scene very atmospheric and charming when captured on camera.

No list would be complete without the iconic Norwich Cathedral, a heritage site and with the second largest cloisters in England, exceeded only by those at Salisbury Cathedral, with a spire that is also the second tallest in England.

It’s a great place to take dramatic pictures inside when the weather’s bad.

In addition to the Cathedral, Norwich boasts the greatest concentration of medieval urban churches north of the Alps.

Strolling around the Cathedral Quarter, there are a wealth of parish churches to contemplate but this is where ancient history meets sophisticated urbanisation as there are plenty of interesting pubs and cafes and independent shops to explore and photograph too.


A little further out of Norwich is the Instagram worthy Wymondham Abbey

Sitting in the Tiffey valley, the 900-year-old Wymondham Abbey rises majestically against the Norfolk skyline and is surrounded by historic houses and verdant pastures.

Moving even further afield we come to some more Instagram worthy places to visit in Norfolk, a smattering of National Trust properties (too many to mention here) including Holkham Hall, where Norfolk’s glorious coastline meets one of the grand agricultural landscapes, the perfect backdrop to show off this 18th century Palladian building.

A little further along to the East, are some of the finest Salthouse marshes, not only some of the most stunning Insta-worthy places to visit for its breath-taking scenery, but also for the variety of wildlife to be found here.

Just one aspect of everything the Broads National Park has to offer.